Monday, July 9, 2012

Poochie Baby's Week in Review

It was a busy week. I managed to make about 6 dresses, along with some custom orders. Although, I spent more time working online than actually crocheting!

A new Twitter account for Poochie Baby was set up... you can now follow me at: . I list all new items for sale on Twitter. This includes the items at Etsy and the crochet patterns on Craftsy. I only post a few things on my Facebook page and Pinterest. I also post all new blog posts on Twitter, as well as Facebook.

This weekend I started experimenting with other online stores. I'm not ready to advertise them though because I'm not sure if I will continue to use them. I really prefer using Etsy and managing one online store is work enough! Maybe by next month I will know if I want to keep more than one store open.

This coming week I plan to make more crochet pinafores.... I really love those dresses! I also hope to make more scarves. Need to get ready for the fall craft show!

Have a happy week.............. 

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