Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why I closed my eBay Store

The Poochie Baby eBay store was officially closed this past week. Why, you ask? Well, because of the eBay fees. It just wasn't worth the time, effort or money to keep the store going. Small time sellers like myself are finding it harder and harder to make a profit selling on eBay. Other online selling sites work much better for us.

All of my items are currently listed for sale on Etsy and most of them are now being migrated to my brand new store. After much research, I decided to start selling with Wazala. You manage your store in one place and it can be integrated with several different sites. The service produces some "code" that can be added to your blog or website (You'll notice the red "store" button at the top right hand side of the page). You can also embed the store directly into your website or add it to your Facebook fan page. If you run a home business and need an online store, I would recommend Wazala. And no, I am not an affiliate. I just believe in the service. I would even recommend this to people to completely replace eBay. You don't have to sell new or handmade items. Set up your own yard sale online to sell off gently used items.

Another reason I closed my eBay store is because it does not allow selling without actually shipping a product. This is an issue when selling my crochet patterns online as digital files. This means that each time I sell a pattern, I have to actually print it out and mail it to the customer. With Etsy, I simply email the file to the customer. Now, I also sell my patterns on Craftsy and through my new store. When purchased from either of those sites, the customer can download the file right away because it is kept on the store's server for immediate access.

So, now you know my online selling story...... If you see any links on this blog referring you to my eBay store, please disregard them. The store no longer exists!

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