Monday, August 27, 2012

Finished Patchwork Crochet Baby Blanket: Part 2

I finally finished the patchwork blanket that I started for my granddaughter. I like the end result... Her bedroom is going to be done in shades of pink and dark blue, so the blanket was made to match.

patchwork crochet baby afghan

See Part 1 of this post for the design instructions..... It was very simple. I thought about adding a more elaborate trim to the blanket but decided to keep it simple. I like the patchwork look and didn't want to distract from original blanket design.

My granddaughter will be able to use this blanket for many years. That was my goal.

Now I just need to start on my grandson's blanket! Then start making hats for the fall.............

This entire blanket project will also be posted on Craftsy.

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