Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free Crochet Patterns for Adult Hats

Adult Hats: Free Patterns
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Adult Panda Bear Hat
Adult Tam/Beret
Alaska Beret
Android Hat
Angel Beret
Angry Bird Hat
Anything but Drab Hat
Basic Men's Slouch Hat
Blue Slouchy Hat
Bobble Beauty Hat
Brain Waves Beanie
Bucket of Sun Brimmed Hat
Cable Hat
Carnation Hat
Casual Beret
Crochet Cap
Diamond Flower Hat
Ski Hat
Easy Ribbed Hat
Easy Slouch Hat
Fall Lace Hat
Fast and Fun Hat
Funky Hat
Gnome Hat
Knit Look Ribbed Hat
Lacy Scallop Hat
Loki Hat
May Flowers Hat
Meridith Hat
Mesh Hat
Nested Shells Hat
Rasta Hat
Rib Hat
Ripple Hat Pattern
Sassy A Hat
Shell Beanie
Poochie Baby has many other patterns available for free and for sale at Ravelry, Craftsy and in the Etsy Shop. There are also versions available in the Kindle store if you prefer to use your ebook reader.

Finished items for sale in my Etsy shop.

*These are some of my favorite patterns that I have found online. If you own one of these free patterns and do not wish to be included on my list, please just contact me and I will remove the link.

Michele @ Poochie Baby

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