Thursday, December 27, 2012

Free Crochet Patterns for Hair Accessories

Hair Accessories: Free Crochet Patterns
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Ribbed Crochet Headband
Lacey Kerchief
Bat Headband
Beaded Headband
Popcorn Headband
Poppy Flower Headband
Chunky Headband
Clover Headband
Christmas Bun Cover
Corsage Headband
Ric-Rac Heart Headband
Ear Flap Headband
Shell Path Headband
Easy Head Warmer
Crochet Side Flower Headband
Easy Shell Headband
Simple Mesh Headband
Simplicity Headband
Spider Lace Wide Headband
Flower Bun Cover
Flower Headband
Summer Lace Headband
Fun Ponytail Holders
Sunshine Daisy Headband
Valentine Headband
Jasmine Baby Headband
Woven Headwrap
Zig Zag Headband
Kitty/Skunk Ears Headband
Three Flower Tie Headband
Thread Headband
Hair Spirals
Cabled Headband
Butterfly Headband
Blossom Headband
Party Hair Scrunchie
Pigtail Scrunchie
Picot Scrunchie
Lacey Scrunchie
Love Knot Scrunchie
Lily Pad Headband
Baby Girl Headband
Lacy Diamonds Headband
Linked Headband
Magical Unicorn Headband
Minnie Mouse Headband
Little Hearty Hair Ties
Bear Headband

Featured Pattern:
Free pattern for crochet headband.

Poochie Baby has many other patterns available for free and for sale at Ravelry, Craftsy and in the Etsy Shop. There are also versions available in the Kindle store if you prefer to use your ebook reader.

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*These are some of my favorite patterns that I have found online. If you own one of these free patterns and do not wish to be included on my list, please just contact me and I will remove the link.

Michele @ Poochie Baby
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