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Friday, December 7, 2012

Stuffed Owl Ornament: For Christmas Tree, Key Chains or Baubles

This super cute 3" stuffed crochet owl is perfect for your Christmas tree. It can also be used to decorate other items such as baby mobiles, key chains, etc. Think of all the color possibilities! They can be made to match any Christmas tree or decor.

There are several of these decorating my Christmas tree this year. I am also giving some serious consideration to making a mobile.

The pattern is so simple and they stitch up really quickly. Most of my patterns are priced at $4.50 but this one is only $2.50.

You can purchase the pattern and download it right away from Ravelry!

Stuffed Owl Ornament
Stuffed Owl Ornament

Happy Hooking!


Mama Squirrel said...

I downloaded this pattern when it was free on Kindle, and have made one owl ornament so far. It worked up quickly and would be a good choice for a beginner, except that, at least in the version I got, there were no instructions for making the beak. I figured out my own by looking at the photographs, but thought you should know. Also, I'm not sure how necessary it is to end each row with a slip stitch and then chain one; similar amigurumi patterns would just have you keep going, not joining rows, and I think it would speed things up here a bit. Just a thought.

Also, for a real beginner, the most difficult part might be the feet and beak--using felt parts might be another option.

I do like the button eyes idea! The large plastic safety eyes that have been popular in recent years have become unavailable where I live, and I was trying to figure out some way of making owlish eyes on another project--this was a good alternative, though obviously not for little ones who might chew them off.


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