Friday, January 4, 2013

Toddler Crochet Leg Warmers: Free Pattern

Free crochet pattern for toddler leg warmers.

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Here is a simple and quick pattern for some toddler crochet leg warmers. This pattern makes leg warmers that will fit approximately 18-24 month clothing sizes. My granddaughter just turned one and they fit her perfectly. She is just growing out of 18 Mo's clothing. The stocking measures right at 6 inches long. You can modify these to make them longer or shorter by simply adding or reducing at the beginning chain.

toddler leg warmers


I Hook

CH 20

R1 - SC in the second chain from the hook and in each stitch across.

R2 thru R17 - CH 1 and working in working in back stitches only, SC in each stitch across.

*Now you are going to join the piece by folding it together. CH 1 and SC the two sides together along the seam. (The piece will look like a long cylinder when you put it together.)

Scalloped edge
R18 - Working along the top edge of the piece, CH 1 and SC in each stitch around. Join with a SS at the end.

R19 - Skip the first stitch and DC five times into the next stitch. Skip a stitch and SS into the next stitch. Continue to *skip a stitch - 5 DCs - skip a stitch - SS* until you reach the end. You should end up with five scalloped edges. Join at the end with a SS and tie off. Weave in all your ends........... and that's it!

crochet toddler leg warmers

Happy Hooking!

See all of the patterns I have available at Ravelry, Craftsy or in my Etsy shop.

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