Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wavy Ripple Crochet Blanket Project

I love the look of this blanket. Usually, ripple blankets are made with the wave in a horizontal direction. I decided to make them vertical on this one........... It is a very simple ripple pattern. This finished blanket measures 39 x 56. I used three different colors of yarn in a medium weight yarn (although it was a baby yarn and seems to be a little lighter).  An H hook was used to work this blanket.

Here are the instructions for making this blanket. 

Most ripple blanket patterns call for a beginning chain that is a multiple of 16 plus 2. I started with a beginning chain of 178.

Row 1 - DC in the third chain from the hook and in the next 6 chains. Then, three DCs in the next chain. DC in the next six chains and then a DC decrease in the next three chains. This forms the basis of your "hills and valleys". Continue to repeat this pattern across the chain. You will end up on a "hill" with eight chains left at the end. DC into six of the chains and then DC decrease in the last two chains.

Row 2 - Turn and CH 2. DC in the next seven chains. Three DCs in the next chain. DC in the next six chains. DC decrease in the next three chains. Continue the pattern of DC in six chains, three DC in the next, DC in six chains, DC decrease in the next three, across the row. You will end on a "hill", just like the first row. DC in the next six chains, then DC decrease in the last two rows.

Row 3 thru 60 - Repeat row 2, alternating colors as you like. I chose to start with two rows of green, then four rows of pink, four rows of cream, four rows of green, etc. until I reached then end. I left off with two rows of green at the end.

Edging - The edging on this blanket is just a simple SC all the way around. 

This blanket can be made larger or smaller by adding to or reducing the beginning chain. Just remember that it has to be in multiples of 16 plus 2. You can also increase or decrease the amount of rows.

Another way to adjust the size of the blanket is to use a different sized hook.

This blanket took me a few days to finish, working on it a couple of hours at a time. I think I may list it for sale or keep it for the next baby in the family to come along. I also considered making some owl appliques to add to the design........... There are always so many possibilities!

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Happy Hooking!

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  1. Very nice baby blanket. And I notice you have the same crochet hook that I use, I had bought the whole set at Joann's. b,c,d,e,f,g,h,I, j. For some reason it doesn't go up to K in that style. Very comfortable to handle. I'm also getting into crocheting, more so than knitting. Keep up the good work. Have a good day. Wanda Mucciaccio from Attleboro, Ma.

  2. I love the way this looks and I can't wait to make it. thank you for the instructions for this beautiful blanket!

  3. Just wondering how many balls of wool did you use for this blanket?

  4. How much yarn did you use

  5. Hi Jerri... I started out with one pound of each color (16oz skeins). I used about 75% of each skein. I believe it was a Caron baby weight yarn.