Sunday, November 17, 2013

Free Crochet Pattern for Granny Striped Baby Afghan

free crochet pattern for granny afghan
Free Crochet Pattern for Granny Stripe Blanket

Hey everyone!............. I wrapped up the pattern for my new owl afghan a couple of days ago and decided to post a new free pattern.

This striped granny afghan works great for babies! It is also the perfect lap afghan size for adults. If making this blanket for a baby, you can match the colors to the nursery. The finished blanket measures approximately 31 x 38 inches when complete (if using a three color scheme). You can always modify the width by adding rows. Just work out the number of rows per color before you begin. I usually start and finish the rows with the same color.

When using three colors, you will need one 7 oz. skein of yarn per color. The blanket I decided to make while working out this pattern is made in many different colors though. Needless to say, I have a lot of yarn left over from other projects. A good portion of it has too much left on the skein to be considered SCRAP but it's not really enough to use on another large project. So, I gathered these skeins to make this blanket. It worked out perfect even though the colors don't match at all!! I used each color to make three rows on the blanket. I would estimate that it took about 2 oz. of yarn for three row section.

So........... on to the pattern!

  • Three 7 oz. skeins of yarn in your preferred colors or approximately 2 oz. of yarn in each color for every three row section
  • H Hook

CH 150

R1 - DC in the third chain from the hook. Skip two stitches and 3 DC in the next stitch. Skip two stitches and 3 DC in the next stitch. Continue to skip two stitches and 3 DC in the next stitch across the row. When you reach the last three stitches, skip two stitches and 1 DC in the last stitch.

free crochet pattern for granny afghan

R2 - CH 2 and 2 DC in the same chain space. 3 DC in the next chain space, 3 DC in the next chain space. Continue this pattern across the row until you reach the end. At the end of the row, 1 DC in the last stitch.

crochet pattern for granny blanket

R3 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

granny afghan pattern

R4 thru R6 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R7 thru R9 - Repeat R2

*Switch color

R10 thru R12 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R13 thru R15 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R16 thru R18 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R19 thru R21 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R22 thru R24 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R25 thru R27 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R28 thru R30 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R31 thru R33 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R34 thru R36 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R37 thru R39 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R40 thru R42 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R43 thru R45 - Repeat R2

*Switch Color

R46 thru R48 - Repeat R2


Ch 1 and SC all the way around the blanket.

Afghans in many colors
Striped granny blankets in many colors


*This is a Poochie Baby copy-written pattern. Please do not re-post on another site. But, you may freely link to this page. 

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  1. Lovely! Just one question... If I wanted to make a larger or smaller blanket what would the chain have to be a multiple of?

  2. Hi B..... You can just make the beginning chain longer to make the blanket bigger. If you end up with extra chains after completing the first row, you can just weave in the excess. Otherwise, just make chain in multiples of 4 plus 3 for the first DC stitch.