Saturday, January 4, 2014

Daily Planner Pages for Download

Happy New Year everyone! I have a goal to get more organized this year............ I have always been a "planner". I used to use paper planners in the past with great success. Recently, I have used various apps on my smartphone and tablet. Though I love those apps, it seems that I just can't stay as organized. I am a very visual person and I like my planners to be colorful. So, I decided to design my own planner pages this year. They are in PDF format and I can either print them out to use in a binder, or, upload them to my tablet and keep a digital planner. Right now, I have a month of planner pages on my Galaxy Note 10.1 and I am loving it! 

I designed a page for myself that is very specific to my needs. It combines my "real job" needs with my Poochie Baby business needs. I modified this page to suite others and listed it for sale in my Etsy shop. Actually, there are two versions of a daily planner sheet that I now have for sale. I also put together a crochet project todo sheet.

Here are the examples:

Daily Planner for Digital Download
Daily Planner Page: Digital download Here !

Daily Planner Page for Digital Download
Smiley Face Daily Planner Page: Digital download Here !

Planner Page for Crochet Projects Digital Download
Crochet Projects Planner Page: Digital download Here !

Poochie Baby will have other planner pages available for sale in the Etsy Shop. 

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