Monday, August 4, 2014

Filofax and Hobonichi Accessories and Pens - Poochie Baby

 Visit the new blog to see how I use the LG PoPo Printer in my faux Hobonichi. I also have a video in which I discuss the pens I use in my planner and Hobonichi.

These videos are part of the "Video Everyday in August (#VEDA)" challenge on You Tube. Enjoy!

And, happy planning.....

Don't forget to subscribe to the new blog.......... On the updated Poochie Baby site, there are two separate blogs... One for Planners/Scrapbooks and the Crochet Blog.


  1. The link to your 'updated site' is wrong, Error 404 I think it should be: not:

  2. Thanks @Steve Morton .... That's what happens when typing too fast! I fixed it.............