Tuesday, October 18, 2016

How to Crochet a Fall Leaf - Quick and Easy

How to Crochet a Fall Leaf - Quick and Easy You can find the written instructions for this crochet pattern/tutorial on the Poochie Baby blog: Get behind the scenes, day in the life info on my Instagram stories: http://ift.tt/28JMQoW This channel focuses on crochet, crafts, scrapbooks, organizing and family life. Listen to the Poochie Baby Podcast on: The blog: http://poochie-baby.com iTunes: http://ift.tt/2cykFtd Google Play: http://ift.tt/2cH64Jg Stitcher: http://ift.tt/2cyjEBq Soundcloud: http://ift.tt/2cH71kQ Find me online here: Michele Gaylor's Poochie Baby Blog: http://poochie-baby.com Pinterest: http://ift.tt/22akm73 Instagram: @michelegaylor Michele Gaylor's Poochie Baby's Facebook Page: http://ift.tt/2bZCu24 Michele Gaylor's Poochie Baby You Tube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbXKA5wa-mFq956FPXDLg3A Or... you can contact me by email at: mypoochiebaby@gmail.com Music by bensound.com

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